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              Thumbing through the pages of Deadwood Magazine is like strolling down the streets of old Deadwood, the raucous western mining camp of the late 1800s. Tales of legendary characters and events are artfully interwoven with information about current events in the Black Hills and in the town that is preserving its history with proceeds from legalized gambling.

            Read about the “Girls of the Gulch” in every issue – tales of soiled doves who worked in Deadwood’s notorious houses – the brothels that operated openly, albeit illegally, until 1980.

            “The Gambler” shares stories unearthed at Deadwood gaming venues. Publisher Rena Webb presents a potpourri of whatever catches her attention. Black Hills historians Bob Lee and Jerry Bryant, George Carr, Earl Cox, Del Dvoracek, R. T. Lawton and other free lance writers drop in from time to time to inform and entertain readers.

            Published since 1991, Deadwood Magazine has a limited number of past editions available. All prices include postage and handling.


1-5 issues, $5.00 each  
6-10 issues, $4.50 each  
10 or more, $4.00 each

          Specify numbers of copies of each edition requested on order blank below, enclose check or money order and mail to:

Ad-Lib Productions
4851 Cliff Drive
Rapid City, SD 57702


    For a brief description of back editions , click here.

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